It’s the weekend!! Well done everyone we made it!!

This week the UK released the most secure coin in the world which will make it almost impossible to counterfeit. If you are a reader of our last blog, the UK also officially triggered Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, therefore commencing the departure of the UK from the European Union.

As the value of the pound has now fallen, and import prices have risen, the cost of a forging a counterfeit coin probably isn’t worth it. It probably costs more to import the metals alone. Thanks Brexit?

For some of us the weekend is about Netflix, and binge watching its newest releases. Iron Fist is among the newest releases, and as such to combine our love of sourcing stories you may have missed… we typed kung fu news into google… and found this gem.

  1. Kung Fu Grandma – found via BBC News

‘In the past there were bad guys. Kung Fu practitioners could subdue them. Now there are no bad guys…’

94 years old and Zhang Hexian, I think could still subdue some bad guys. A bad-ass that has no need for technology. I feel for her grand kids whom she asks not to glue their faces to their mobile phones all day without exercising, but it’s a fair message (even if it comes with a smack round the head).

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