Another day of Turkey leftovers bites the dust and along with it is our third story of this week:

  1. Amazons Alexa, key witness or privacy invader – Found via Buzzfeed

The Amazon echo is a fancy bit of tech and, as from their website, the echo does all manner of amazing sounding things. They once said convenience was at your fingertips, now convenience is yelling ‘ALEXA, ORDER MORE TOILET ROLLS’ from your bathroom (unless you have an Amazon dash button). However, given the above, how much privacy are you willing to trade for a device that is always listening?

Today’s offering relates to the police of Bentonville, Arkansas who have issued a warrant for the audio recordings of an Amazon Echo speaker belonging to a James Bates.

James Bates, is a suspect in an ongoing murder investigation.

We will be back tomorrow with our forth story, and hopefully by then all turkey leftovers will be finished!