Following on from yesterdays post, and continuing our daily dose of what you may have missed, today’s offering brings you the following short story:

2.The pretend gardener: student discovers hidden life of Renaissance spy – Found via The Guardian

This story has come perfectly timed with my new found romance with Florence. After watching Richard Ayoade’s Christmas Special, Travel Man: 48 Hours in Florence (Christmas not included; it was filmed in October…?), Florence has hit the top of must see destinations.

The above article from the Guardian offers an interesting theory which links a Renaissance Garden designer, Costantino de’ Servi , to what was one of the most powerful families in Italy. Is it possible that this Garden designer, who didn’t actually design many gardens, moonlight as a β€œSpy” working for the Medici family of Florence?

A short history of the rise and fall of Medici Family can be read here.

We will be back tomorrow with our third story of the week and, if you are still having trouble winning the YouTube Clip off maybe this one from You Suck At Cooking may help.