The week began where the last left off… discussing Theresa Mays £995 leather trousers. Yes, somehow they have managed to stay on top of the news cycle. In the wider world of news, President Durete of the Philippines admitted killing three people whilst mayor of Davos, Wonder Woman was dropped as UN ambassador for gender equality, and Conservative MP Nicky Morgan has a £950 Mullbury Bag. Not sure if news, or fashion blog (Sigh…).

Here are five of the weeks news stories which embrace the political, technological and weirdness of the week that was the 12th of December.

  1. Vice President Joe Biden: 8 years, 57 Countries, 6 Powerful Travel Memories – Found Via National Geographic

With Joe Biden’s Vice presidency coming to an end, (and we have all loved the memes), Joe Biden reflects on six of his most powerful travel memories with National Geographic. I don’t wish to say too much, as it is a fantastic short read, which shows the work Vice president Joe Biden has done around the world over the past eight years.

  1. King Georges – George Perrier a master of French cuisine – Found via Netflix

This one is not so much news, but a must watch on Netflix this December. Recently added to Netflix, this documentary follows the master saucier George Perrier during the final years of his restaurant ­ Le Bec-Fin. The restaurant had been hailed as Americas greatest French Restaurant and paved the way for many other great chefs to make their mark in America.

George Perrier himself, has continued to be a presence in the restaurant world, and now assists his previous employees with their ventures. Given all of the above, you can see why many of George Perrier’s students have gone on to do great things, two of which have gone on to win ‘Americas Top Chef’.

Further reads –

For a quick read over George’s many accomplishments, Cook gives a quite comprehensive look at the chef’s life in the business.

  1. UK house of the year – Found Via deezen

Described as the ‘Wallace and Gromit house’, this box of tricks designed by architect Richard Murphy has been named house of the Year 2016 by the Royal Institute of British Architects. The house has so many ropes, pullies and hidden panels, it is clear why this house received the much coveted award. The full house can be seen here in its full secret bath and eco-garden glory.

  1. ‘Democracy Sausage’ Australia’s word of the year – Found via The Guardian

Democracy Sausage. This is how democracy is done. Defined as a sausage served in a single slice of bread on an election day, democracy sausages should indeed taste like democracy… even if you do wonder how the sausage gets made. The word beat out competition from smashed avo and shoey. How shoey did not win is beyond me.

     5.The looters of Mali Found Via New Scientist

‘Mali is rich in history. At its height in the late 15th century, the city of Timbuktu was a great centre of learning with a vast library of manuscripts.’ Mali has been suffering at the hands of looters and illegal traffickers selling its history to the world’s elite buyers. Mali has been placed on the Internation Council of Museums red list, but in a dedicated emergency section. The looting of Mali’s history is not a new story, and has been ongoing for some time. Mali’s history is vanishing as demand for its antiquities have soared.