As with every week since the 23rd of June, Brexit has dominated the news. But away from this we at The Week Of have seen stories such as man punches kangaroo, someone tiled their floor in 13,000 pennies and flatulance underwater. Yes, this all happened in the same week that Italys PM resigned, Geert Wilders was found guilty of inciting discrimination in the Netherlands and Theresa May wore a pair of £995 leather trousers.

Here are five of this weeks news stories which embrace the political, technological and weirdness of the week that was the 5th of December.

1. Ian Duncan Smith vs @BarristersecretFound via Huffington Post

This week Ian Duncan Smith published coloum in the Daily Mail showing his detest for the Supreme court and their Judges. The secret barrister took a systematic approach at fully educating Ian Duncan Smith in British Constitutional Law.

While an insightful read it does raise concern as to how Smith wishes to in an idealistic way, choose judges whom simply agree with the Government in power.

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Ian Duncan Smith receives a further lesson in Consitutional Law

Ian Duncan Smith apolagises to Shadow Brexit Secretary Kier Starmer

I think IDS has a problem with Barristers and Barristers have a problem with IDS.

2. Japan Launches a ‘Space Junk’ Collector – Found Via Phys.Org

Its never crossed my mind that beyond the earths atmosphere, but prior to reaching outerspace, theres a layer of space trash. Sandra Bullocks character in ‘Gravity’ probably accounts for a good chunk of the 100 million parts of space debris up there.

The aim of the junk collector, is to slow the garbage entering the earth’s atmosphere to such a point that it burns up before reaching the planet’s surface. There have been discussions on alternative ways the junk could be forced to burn up in the atmosphere, and they each sound like game upgrades or epic inspector gadget equipment – Ion cannon, Solar sail, Mechanical arm and Net launcher

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Japan are dominating Space’s intellectual property. Japanese Company ALE are working on creating colourful artificial meteor showers. Project Sky Canvass plans not just to create a single shooting star, but instead a full blow meteor shower. Essentially the largest and most ambitious firework display ever heard of opening  door to a whole new era of entertainment… in space

3.Poundland Vibrators – Found via Vice

Are you over 18? I’m not too sure how else to introduce this article, but it probably falls within the price bracket of many offices doing secret Santa… Just make sure its one of those anonymous secret santas.

4.Waste no more. Food Cloud – Found via Guardian

As the war on waste takes its next step, this start up is helping communities all around the UK and Ireland battle food poverty.

Food poverty is, in one of the many definitions, the inability to obtain affordable, healthy food that forms part of a balanced diet. With an estimated 1.9m tons of food waste in the UK annually, Food Cloud looks to cut this down significantly by taking the perfectly edible food waste from retailers to give to the charities, with the aim of distributing it to breakfast clubs, food banks and homeless hostels. An absolute five star cause with a mission that streamlines the relationships between charities and retailers for the better.

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To find out more about Food Cloud you can read about them here –

If you want to learn more about food poverty Sustain: The Alliance for Better Food and Farming is a great place to start.

5.The Journeyman – Found via Shortlist

Getting beat pays in the boxing world, and for Sonny Whiting, it’s a career. This is not just an oddity, but a career path which many boxers have adopted for. Journeymen are gloves for hire, they get paid to fight ‘up and comers’ who are eyeing up the big time and wanting to increase their win count.

These talented Journeyman boxers aim to bring the theatrics, but every now and again the unfortunate happens: they win the fight. The Journeyman is not paid to win, so when they do, business can dry up over night with promoters puling their boxers out of fights. It’s a cut-throat world, but without the Journeymen, the rising stars of boxing may have a much tougher fight to the top.

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Johnny Greaves, the trainer for Sonny Whiting, was also a professional Journeyman and in 100 fights lost, 94. An article appeared in the Guardian in 2014 chronicling his career to his 100th contest. Greaves’s path into the life of the Journeyman looks to mirror that of his now apprentice Sonny Whiting.